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M1 Fire-Retardant Cardboard:

First and foremost, welding is a delicate profession due to the high temperatures, bright light, and toxic fumes involved. Welders are in constant contact with heat and sparks without catching fire. M1 fire-retardant cardboard prevents the risk of injury. In other words, it helps to stop all welding-related risks. The welder’s environment is protected by the fire-retardant cardboard, as well as ensuring the safety of all other people and property around the workplace. This product is certified M1 by the National Laboratory of Studies.

Fire-retardant cardboard is an industrial fire protection screen for welding, soldering, grinding, etc. It allows welders to protect the workshop from sparks due to welding, soldering, and grinding. It is easily transportable, self-stable, and can be cut to the desired dimensions with a cutter thanks to its folds. The fire-retardant cardboard can be used both indoors and outdoors if protected. It consists of five sheets of originally white fire-retardant paper, though it can be modified if necessary.

To ensure the proper composition of the M1 fire-retardant protective cardboard, a test report must confirm the fire classification according to the Euroclass system. We have our certificate available upon request. Ultimately, it is inexpensive compared to other welding protection products on the market. The fire-retardant cardboard is a product with high added value.

What is a fire-retardant product?

A fire-retardant product delays the flames on natural materials, thereby protecting welders from potential spark hazards.

An M1 Fire-Retardant Protective Cardboard Manufactured by Actilev

The Paraspark is an M1 fire-retardant protective cardboard: a concept developed by Actilev. It is sold on the website actilev.fr and is available through welding, soldering, and grinding resellers.

Our fire-retardant cardboard stands 190 cm tall. It features 80 cm folds and is available in 20-fold and 80-fold options with a thickness ranging from 6.2 to 6.7 cm. Made from five sheets of fire-retardant paper, it is deliverable within 48 hours across France. The fire-retardant cardboard is sold by the pallet and is manufactured in France.

Le carton ignifugé

Industrial Fire-Retardant Cardboard for Welding, Soldering, Grinding, etc.
The fire-retardant cardboard is a product validated and tested by one of the major players in the CAC 40 and certified by the LNE according to the NF 92-501 standard. Our cardboard offers the best quality/protection/price ratio on the market.