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Fireproof Cardboard: Ideal for Welding and Safety

The dangers of welding without fireproof cardboard:

All tasks related to welding represent risk factors and dangers for the welder, as well as for the immediate surroundings in the work environment. The risks are real, making it necessary to apply basic protection precautions. These risks stem from the type of welding being performed, and the safety measures depend on the welding process used. There are many protections against the dangers of welding because the hazards of welding are multiple. For example, there are metallic particle projections (known as “slag”), burns from contact or particle projection, explosions and fires (20% of fires are caused by hot spots), as well as electrical shocks, infrared radiation (heat – burns), eye burns and injuries, welding fumes and gases…

Fireproof cardboard catches weld spark sprays

Indeed, risks from electric arc welding, flame welding, TIG or MIG welding produce harmful and toxic fumes and toxic dust clouds, not to mention managing spark sprays. Depending on the composition, concentration, and duration of exposure, fumes can have harmful effects on health and may cause diseases. One of the biggest dangers of welding is the projection of sparks. Sparks generate heat and can melt plastic, burn paper, damage fabrics, and cause irreparable damage to human skin.
Welding is therefore a risky profession not only for the welder but also for bystanders (e.g., visitors to the industrial site). Welding personnel must be aware of these risks, protect themselves and others by adopting a secure and responsible attitude.

How to protect welders?

Our obvious solution to prevent the projection of welding sparks against one of the safety problems is the paraspark, a fireproof cardboard screen (M1 certified). It is easily maneuverable, transportable, disposable, and biodegradable. The M1 screen prevents the projection of welding sparks onto surrounding elements. It can perfectly replace welding curtains or welding protection screens. The goal is to prevent sparks from escaping the secure perimeter.
Our welding protection is capable of meeting the most stringent requirements for protecting the immediate work area. It can be positioned at the disposal of the welder. The cardboard can be easily cut with a utility knife around the area to be protected from sparks. It can also protect a temporary welding or welding workshop. Both sides of the product are fireproof, but only one side is marked yellow to delineate the temporary welding workshop.
Visitors, or people moving around welding workshops, will thus be protected from splinters and unintentional projections from welding work.

Welding protection

Cardboard screen for welding protection, grinding protection, and personal protection

It becomes indispensable when the user needs to physically move to different locations to perform welding, grinding, cutting, plumbing, etc. Once the welder’s round is finished, it is possible to throw away the fireproof cardboard scraps in the nearest recycling bin or to reuse them the next day.