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Paraspark® Welding Protection Cardboard

The PARASPARK® can be cut with a utility knife according to the user’s needs.

The PARASPARK® is easily transportable to the actual site of final use.

For indoor or outdoor use, sheltered from the weather.

The PARASPARK® is set up around the work area.

The screen protects the environment during welding, grinding, cutting, plumbing, etc.

– PARASPARK® is available in stock.

– Certified fire behavior M1 protection by the National Laboratory of Studies (LNE). Certification report available upon request.

– Economical and practical product, it does not require accessories for stability, its daily use is facilitated by cutting the exact number of folds needed by the user.

– Marked on one side, both faces are fire-retardant.

– Disposable and biodegradable product.

– 100% made in France.

– One pallet corresponds to 80 sheets of 1900mm*820mm.

– Marketed by pallet, which is 80 sheets.

– The product can be effortlessly cut with a utility knife.