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Welding Risks

Welding work is subject to strict regulations and adherence to standards tailored to different types of welding, as well as required safety measures. The Labor Code particularly emphasizes the use of individual and collective protective equipment.

Welding Work: : Essential Protections

The range of personal protective equipment specific to the welding profession is extensive (gloves, fire-retardant overalls and shoes, helmets, hoods, and specialized glasses). Professionals are aware of the diverse risks inherent in welding work and the indispensability of protection suited to heat and toxic emissions. Whether arc welding, flame welding, or TIG, all employed techniques disperse dust and fumes as well as sparks that project well beyond the welder’s working perimeter.
The use of appropriate collective protective equipment, just like personal protective equipment, also demonstrates the competence of the company.

Welding Risks

Welding Risks

Welding Protection Screen
The law requires the installation of fixed or removable protective barriers around welding or cutting zones. Until now, these protective screens were often expensive and time-consuming to install. Today, there is an economical solution whose ease of handling will surprise many technicians. The Paraspark® protective screen can be used for welding as well as for cutting, grinding, or plumbing work. Made of M1 certified fire-retardant cardboard by the LNE (standard NF-P-92-501), it offers several advantages that welders will appreciate. Highly portable, this panel against welding risks can be cut with a utility knife by the user as needed on the site, thanks to a structure composed of folds. When standing, it serves to protect passersby outside the worksite from all spark projections and can also be placed on the ground to isolate the welding area.

This welding protection screen is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use and can be set directly on the ground. It is reusable and biodegradable. It is a tool that isolates the operator and also allows for the coexistence of different works in the same workshop.

Optimizing Protection Costs
In addition to its certified effectiveness and ease of installation, such a welding screen also offers the advantage of requiring little space for storage and easy transport. It adapts to the environment with its cuttable folds and proves particularly useful on short-term construction sites. By reducing the preparatory work of technicians and the physical effort required for transport and organization on-site, it contributes to reducing the cost of the Welding Site Protection item.