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Welding Protection

Welding equipment includes not only welding materials but also personal and work environment protection. Protecting against harmful gas emissions and dust, and wearing protective clothing: fireproof work gloves, thick long-sleeve shirts or jackets, trousers without cuffs, high-top shoes with insulating soles (plastic soles for welding in wet environments or on metal structures) to protect the skin from arc rays, sparks, or molten metal, and a welding helmet or cap for hair protection.

A cardboard welding screen :

An idea, a concept that welders and grinders should appreciate. A welding screen protects workshop visitors from sparks. Such welding screen models are generally made of an iron frame, making them heavy.

Welding protection screen

Fireproof cardboard for welding

Our welding screen, made of fireproof cardboard, is 10 times lighter than a traditional welding screen. This welding protection for the welder’s environment is fireproof cardboard validated by the LNE (i.e., we can provide the certificate for this product). Actilev’s welding screen is a disposable and biodegradable screen, and the user can cut it to the desired size. Thus, they can work with a product that provides the necessary welding protection. Neither too much nor too little. Our welding screen is the product that allows you to use exactly the desired amount.

The Paraspark welding screen is sold on actilev.fr. The protection of the welding workshop (temporary or not) is thus validated and exactly meets the needs. Moreover, the welding protection screen is reusable. If the user wishes, they can have a few folds of this protection in their utility vehicle and use it until, after a number of uses, it is no longer stable enough. We recommend using it indoors, but if you wish, outdoor use of our product is not prohibited. Finally, we suggest using it on the ground for welding workplace protection. Indeed, it is possible to position the PARASPARK® on the ground to protect it. However, we draw your attention to the fact that the product protects from sparks and not from heat… do not use it to protect yourself if you have a fault in the anti-heat canvas.

Why does fireproof cardboard M1 protect you from welding ?

Made in France, this cardboard is treated to the core to effectively protect you from welding hazards.


Welding protection screen

Welding protection screen

The welder must protect their body by wearing flame-resistant cotton clothing (work overalls). The welding equipment will consist of a jacket and trousers or a full coverall. The clothing pockets will be equipped with flaps. An additional leather protection such as a bolero, apron, sleeve, gaiter, and gloves will be placed to protect from ultraviolet and infrared radiation as well as from incandescent metal projections. Wearing gloves is essential for welding and handling parts, being an inevitable element of the welder’s protection. Welding protective clothing must remain dry. The welder must change their clothes if they are soiled with oil or wet with water because a wet garment does not protect from heat, as water conducts heat much better than a garment.

What is fireproof cardboard M1 ?

Once the welder is protected, it is important to protect the welding workshop with protective panels against sparks. It is customary to use welding curtains or welding screens as the most effective solution, yet our solution, the PARASPARK®, is a fireproof cardboard screen that protects the welder’s work environment from spark jets, thus preventing the ignition of elements around the temporary welding workshop. The PARASPARK® is self-stable and light. It is just as effective as a welding protection curtain. It becomes indispensable when the user must physically move to different locations to perform welding, grinding, cutting, plumbing, etc.